Innovation is the guiding principle of Enoura Aesthetics. We manufacture and distribute aesthetic solutions that give practitioners and patients options to maintain and restore physical beauty. Whereas traditional beauty treatments involve drastic measures such as invasive surgeries, injections of toxic materials, and foreign biomatter, our line of aesthetic products and devices avoid such strategies. Instead, we continually look to utilising technologies that are safer to administer and reduce patient side effects.
Some of the state-of-the-art technologies that we have incorporated into our products and devices, include:
 HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound)
 Biodegradable polydioxanone thread
 Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)
Briefs about the medical origins of each technology is listed below along with how they are used within our brands.

Our Brands

4S PRP® is a simplified 4-step innovative platelet-rich plasma (PRP) delivery system. It enables cosmetic practitioners to rapidly prepare and administer patient PRP for aesthetic medicine applications. 4S PRP® concentrates blood platelets as much as 8 times its normal volume.
PRP has proved to be quite effective in treating a variety of conditions such as:
- Cardiothoracic diseases
- Neurological maladies
- Orthopaedic dysfunctions
- Sporting injuries
4S PRP® utilises blood’s natural growth factors to rejuvenate skin tissues. Naturally occurring growth factors significantly induces new collagen replacement which is responsible for tighter skin. Click on the 4S PRP® logo above to find out more information.

The marvels of ultrasound are well-documented in the world of medical treatments. There are over a dozen medical fields where ultrasound is utilised every day. Under our LEVURA™ brand, we manufacture and distribute HIFU or high-intensity focused ultrasound devices that revitalizes skin and removes excess body fat. HIFU technology is non-invasive so no surgical procedures are necessary. Cosmetic practitioners offering HIFU treatments for skin tightening and body contouring enjoy the workmanship, reliability, and effectiveness of our devices. Click on the LEVURA™ logo above to find out more information.

Polydioxanone (commonly called PDO) found its first medical use as a suture technology. Since the substance is biodegradable and colourless, it is quite adaptable for multiple forms of cosmetic facial treatments, some of which include:
- Forehead smoothing
- Neck lifting
- Eye bag reduction
- Cheek, jowl, and nose contouring
- Wrinkle reduction
Elionce™ thread lift therapy is a simple process that typically takes 20-minutes and offers immediate results. Click on the Elionce™ logo above to find out more information.

4S PRP, Elionce™, and LEVURA™ are brands manufactured and distributed by Enoura Aesthetics.

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